Mined Contacts Report


The Mined Contacts Report lists the contacts that were mined from the emails that are different from the From: address of the response email. Mined Contacts are potential alternates for the Responding Contact. The Mined Contacts Report has most of the same columns as the Responding Contacts Report along with three new ones:

  • Contact Type - NEW, REPLC or UPDT (See definitions)
  • Referring Person - Responding Contact in whose reply this Mined Contact was found
  • Address Type - Mined or Inferred (See definitions)
Additional data, including Title, Mobile Phone, Office Phone, are synchronized with your MAP/CRM and are available in CSV file.

Controls for this Report

  • Change the date range using the Processed Date Range calendar widget
  • Click on the Response Type on a row in the table to see a Contact Detail View for that alternate contact.
  • Click on the Email Address on a row in the table to see the actual Email Response View from the contact.
  • Click on the Referring Person on a row in the table to see the Contact Detail View for that responder.
  • Sort on any column by the column label
  • Filter on any column by typing into the free text field under the column label
  • Move to the next or previous page of data by clicking on the arrows at the bottom left of the table
  • Increase / decrease the number of rows per page by selecting the desired number of rows at the bottom right of the table
  • Download the report data, in Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format, by clicking on the "Download Results" link at the top of the report.
  • Refresh the table by clicking on the REFRESH button at the top of the report

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