Email Address Type

LeadGnome may find an alternate contact without an email address. In these cases, LeadGnome attempts to use the email address pattern of the Responding Contact to create an email address for the Mined Contact. In the Mined Contacts Report, the value in the Address Type column indicates if the contact's email address was the result of LeadGnome's inference logic or if the address was mined from the body of the response.

Possible values of Address Type include:

  • Mined - Address was explicitly found in body of reply
  • Mined (From) - An actual email reply was received from this address previously, so we know it is valid
  • Inferred and Verified - Address was inferred and the email server for the domain confirmed it is valid
  • Inferred but not verified - Address was inferred, but could not be verified
Inferred but not verified may still be a valid email address. This status simply means the email server refused to confirm the email address.

LeadGnome tests each email address in two ways:

  1. LeadGnome first validates that the email domain (the part to the right of the @ symbol) is valid by looking it up in the Domain Name Service (DNS). If this test fails, then LeadGnome does not present this mined contact to you.
  2. If the first validation test succeeds, then LeadGnome validates the full email address using by asking the target server if the address is valid. Note that some email servers are configured to not validate addresses prior to an actual send. In other words, lack of validation by the target server does not mean the email address is invalid.

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