Integrations Overview


LeadGnome can be configured to upload information into your 3rd Party Application. We currently support integrations with the following Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

LeadGnome is designed to protect your organization's most important asset, your customer database.

  • LeadGnome cannot duplicate contact records
  • LeadGnome, by default, will not update the standard fields of existing records
  • LeadGnome minimizes the number of API calls

How LeadGnome synchronizes with your MAP/CRM

  • LeadGnome searches your MAP/CRM for each Responding Contact and Mined Contact (using the unique identifier, email address).
  • If the contact record is found, LeadGnome performs an update by writing to custom fields.
  • If the contact record is not found, then LeadGnome will create a net new record (writing to standard fields in order to instantiate this new record).

Integration Instructions Per Platform

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