Creating A Forwarding Rule


If you do not use Gmail or Outlook 365, then you must send LeadGnome copies of your email replies using an email forwarding rule. Your LeadGnome account has a dedicated mailbox in the domain. Typically your mailbox address is "". Our system mines every email sent to this address. You can see your results the RESULTS page of your LeadGnome dashboard.

Outlook Exchange

  • This Microsoft Support Article explains how to set up a forwarding rule from different versions and configurations of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Forwarding rules should be created on the Exchange server and not on the Outlook client because a forwarding rule on the client mandates that your client is running in order for the forwarding rule to fire.
  • It is important that the forwarding rule specify "forward as an attachment" because Exchange will strip valuable header information otherwise.
  • Please note, as it is explained in the article, Microsoft Exchange servers are likely to restrict forwarding to addresses outside your organization. You may need permission and assistance from your IT department to enable forwarding from an Exchange server to your dedicated LeadGnome mailbox.
  • Outlook "redirect" should be used if available. Otherwise the "forward as attachment" option should be used.
  • We recommend creating one forwarding rule for each address that you need to forward to LeadGnome. Do not attempt to prefilter for automated replies as LeadGnome uses intelligent filtering logic to do this for you.

Congratulations! You've configured your reply-to mailbox to send copies of your campaign email replies to LeadGnome for analysis.

For other email services, please use their specific instructions to create a forwarding rule.

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