Marketing Campaigns On Behalf Of CXOs

It is common, as part of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, for marketing to send email campaigns on behalf of corporate executives (e.g., CEO, CMO). This article explains how to configure LeadGnome for these environments.

EXEC shows steps taken by the CXO. ADMIN show steps taken by your LeadGnome administrator
  1. EXEC: Create an email alias. For example, if your CEO's email address is, then create an alias of that points to the actual mailbox,
  2. EXEC: Create a rule (Outlook) or filter (Gmail) in the mailbox that moves all emails addressed to into a folder (Outlook) or label (Gmail) reserved for your marketing campaign replies. For example, the folder may be called, "Marketing_Replies".
  3. ADMIN: Add a user to your LeadGnome account for Robert Smith with User Type of Marketing. This will allow you to configure LeadGnome to route human replies later in this process.
  4. EXEC: Connect LeadGnome to Robert's mailbox (Outlook365 or Gmail), (the actual mailbox, not the alias).
  5. ADMIN: Configure LeadGnome to monitor the Marketing_Replies folder.
  6. ADMIN: Create reply sorting folders and rules for this connection (we recommend using the AUTOCREATE option).
  7. ADMIN: Configure the routing of human replies, so that the lead owner will be able to action on these replies immediately (and your CXO will no longer have to forward human replies to the correct sales rep).

Congratulations! Now your CXO won't have to worry about any of the replies coming to his or her mailbox and your team will gain all of the intelligence trapped in the replies.

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