Pardot Integration


LeadGnome integrates directly with Pardot, delivering updates to existing contact records as well as creating net new contact records. Our integration was designed to protect your Pardot database in the following ways.

  • LeadGnome cannot duplicate contact records
  • LeadGnome, by default, will not update the standard fields of existing records
  • LeadGnome minimizes the number of API calls

Integration Instructions

  1. Login to LeadGnome
  2. Navigate to ACCOUNT > 3rd Party Apps
  3. Click the ADD button
  4. Click the Pardot logo
  5. Enter the following information
    1. Source Tag
    2. Pardot Username
    3. Pardot Password
    4. Pardot User Key
  6. Click the SAVE button
  7. Click the FINISH button
  8. Click the "Click here to install LeadGnome customer properties into Pardot Prospects." link

Congratulations! LeadGnome is now integrated with your Pardot system.

Custom Fields

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