ResponseType Values

LeadGnome categorizes each email reply in your mailbox and stores this information as part of each contact record in your marketing automation platform (MAP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This value is typically used to trigger workflows.

For each new or updated contact record, LeadGnome writes a value into the LG_ResponseType field that indicates either the type of email response for Responders, or the type of alternate lead for contacts identified within response emails. If LeadGnome scanned a response from a lead, it will write the value from the Responder column to LG_ResponseType.  If the Lead is an alternate contact that was mined from a response, then LeadGnome will write the value from the Mined Alternate column to LG_ResponseType.

Response Type In UI



Mined Alternate


Delivery failure notification. The intended recipient's email address is not valid.

Delivery Status Notification


Response indicated that the contact has a new email address. The old email address expired/ changed.

Address Has Changed

New Address


Non-automated, direct response

Personal Response


Response indicated that the contact is no longer with this employer. Alternate "replacement" contacts will be saved.

Left The Company



Response indicated that the contact was temporarily out of the office. Expected return date and alternate contacts will be saved.

Out Of Office

New Lead


Contact asked to unsubscribe from future emails (i.e., an opt-out request).

Unsubscribe Request


Detected response from an automated email system commonly referred to as a SPAM blocker. Manual intervention is required (typically a CAPTCHA). Confirmation links are saved to facilitate sender validation.

SPAM Response

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