Summary Report


The Summary Report provides month-by-month information with the following columns:

  • Inbox Messages - The number of emails scanned by LeadGnome
  • Responses Analyzed - The number of email replies mined by LeadGnome
  • New Contacts - The number of alternate contacts found within the email replies mined

Controls for this Report

  • Sort on any column by the column label
  • Filter on Total for Month column by typing into the free text field under the column label
  • Move to the next or previous page of data by clicking on the arrows at the bottom left of the table
  • Increase / decrease the number of rows per page by selecting the desired number of rows at the bottom right of the table
  • Download the summary data, in Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format, by clicking on the "Download Results" link at the top of the report.
  • Refresh the table by clicking on the REFRESH button at the top of the report

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