Route Human Replies

In many companies, marketing email replies come back to a common mailbox (e.g., When a prospect or customer takes the time to write a personal response to one of your email campaigns, it's critically important to get back to them right away. For example, maybe the latest eBook you sent has reassured your prospect that your solution is the right one for them and now they are asking you to connect them with a salesperson - bingo!

LeadGnome provides you the ability to route these human replies to someone on your team. To do so, follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to ACCOUNT > Connected Mailboxes
  2. Click on the Email Address in the Active Email Connectors table that you want to configure. This brings you to the Edit Connector page.
  3. Check the Route Human Replies box. This opens up a new section, "Route Human Replies To:".
  4. To route human replies to a person on your team (or a group), enter an email address of the team member you want to handle these human replies.
  5. To dynamically route human replies to the lead owner, check the "Route to MAP/CRM Owner" box.

Congratulations! Your human replies are now being routed and can be efficiently handled.

To send to more than one person, enter a distribution list email address into the Route Human Replies To field.

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