User Management Overview

LeadGnome users are either Marketing or Sales.

Sales Users: Salespeople are busy and need to eliminate "noise". So, in addition to extracting contact data from replies and synchronizing it with their CRM, LeadGnome significantly reduces the clutter in their mailbox. LeadGnome will sort all auto-responses into folders leaving only the human replies in the salesperson's Inbox.

Best practice for each sales user is to connect LeadGnome their corporate Inbox.

Marketing Users: Marketing teams typically use common mailboxes to receive auto-responses and human replies from their email campaigns. LeadGnome sorts all replies into category-specific folders. There are two types of replies that need special attention: Human and Sender Verification. LeadGnome can route human replies from common mailboxes to the lead owner or a designated team member. Sender Verification replies require manual intervention, so by moving these into a separate folder LeadGnome highlights them and enables efficient processing for your team.

Best practice for monitoring common marketing mailboxes is to connect them via the primary user's LeadGnome account.

In addition, each user can be designated as an administrator (by default only to primary user is an administrator). Administrators can see the results across all users and manage the other user accounts (add, delete, modify).

Here are some user management topics you may want to explore.

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